College Essay: Impact of Tourism Development

The indelible sustainability of the tourism industry typically relies on the capacity of the tourism experts and business leaders to effectively and efficiently maximize its benefits and at the same instant minimize the capital costs. The tourism study is considered among one of the largest industries across the globe; therefore, it is vital to shed light on the positive as well as negative impact of the development of the tourism industry. Tourism industry plays a significant role in strengthening the economy of a country and it provides job opportunities. It advances a better public and transport infrastructure as well as induces various business opportunities for the locals. However, there has been a momentous increase in the cost of essential goods and services, living, housing and land in the areas near to tourist’s establishment.

Generally, the revenue generated from tourism is utilized in the restoration, repair, and improvement of the historical buildings, monuments, and artifacts. However, tourism results in the degradation of the environment due to increased number of visitors to exotic locations. In addition, poor waste management and different types of pollution caused by the tourists can also adversely affect the environment. An increased number of visits to animals’ habitats may agitate wildlife by changing their natural behaviors. Collaborations with tourists advance cultural and social trade which enhances the personal satisfaction of the inhabitants in these settings. Through sharing of knowledge, information, and learning, the neighborhood groups have the capacity to expand their mindset and build instinct, acknowledge and comprehend their disparities in the way of life.

There are certain adverse effects of tourism such as prostitution, drug abuse and an increase in crime have been accounted for in many neighborhoods where tourism flourishes. Individuals take part in drinking and betting as a method for having a great time. Inhabitants have additionally been displaced to give space for improvement undertakings of tourism advancement. Nevertheless, there are most positive impacts of tourism as compared to negative consequences. Therefore, it can be put forwarded that nations should make also possible efforts to foster tourism development and at the same time employ measures to overcome the challenges associated with it.

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