Child Abuse Custom Written Thesis

Child abuse can indeed be very serious and could hurt children who are the victims in the long run. Child abuse is not just physical form of abuse as it also consists of neglecting a child’s basic needs related to food, shelter and care by parents but it also consists of emotional and sexual abuse. Child abuse can result in psychological damage to a child which could affect him/her for lifetime. Usually close relatives are involved in child abuse but parents can also be involved in it. Some people think that child abuse is just physically hurting or harming a child. It indeed also consists of verbal abuse which can be more dangerous because it damages a child’s emotional growth and well being.

How Child Abuse affects a child?

Child abuse can lead to very serious psychological problems. A child who is constantly abused by parents or a close relative can have serious psychological problems in the long run. A child may lose sense of self worth and can have very low self esteem. An abused child thinks of himself as a useless liability that cannot do or achieve anything in the world. It affects a child’s self confidence and sense of well being resulting in poor performance in school.

Have Difficulty Trusting Others

Children who are abused may lose trust on other people. They have hard time maintaining relationships and often prefer being lonely. Children who grow up as abused adults may not do very well in education. They have hard time getting a job because of lack of self belief. They have damaged self worth and they think they are not good at anything. They often underestimate their abilities and try to settle for something very mediocre rather than striving hard for the best.

They find it hard to regulate their emotions

Adults who grow up as abused children may find it to express themselves emotionally. They can behave in a very unpredictable manner because most of the times they suppress their emotions and often resort to drug or alcohol abuse to avoid painful emotions and feelings.

How to help an abused child

It is very important to help an abused child as early as possible before more damage is being done. You need to take the initiative to help an abused child because he will never disclose it to anyone out of embarrassment. You can talk to an abused child and provide him unconditional support. Give him confidence that you are the one he can easily trust. Take concrete actions to help a child rather than just assuring him.